Posted on: May 5, 2016 at 1:29 PM    

Recently at the Locate 16 Conference in Melbourne Australia, Abley's Dale Harris won the 2015 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Technical Excellence for her work on 'Vehicle Speed and Curve Risk Modelling for Road Safety'. The judges' citation on Dale's work reads as follows:

'This project represents a significant improvement to identifying road safety issues and improving the management of the risk to public safety on the roads. The project was technically demanding and overcame some real challenges. The project delivered an interactive webmap “SignatureNET” that displayed the results of the curve assessment alongside other contextual data, including crash locations. Within the engineering and road safety sectors, this project is regarded as having the potential to revolutionise how road authorities target risk in the future. The project is particularly effective at identifying road safety risks on low volume rural roads where existing assessment techniques, such as hot spot analysis, are unreliable. The project is also recognised as a new spatial sciences benchmark in both research and across the road safety and engineering industries.'

Congratulations Dale on your outstanding win!

Dale Harris Award for Technical Excellence Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards