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Abley - A Great Place to Work

Posted on: 10 February 2016    

A number of recent publications (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Engineering E2E and NZ Herald) focus on flexible working practices within small businesses and how Abley in particular has embraced this. While this is not a deliberate strategy, it has come about because Steve Abley and fellow director Paul Durdin, who all have young families, understand the need for flexible working arrangements.  This allows staff to accommodate their families and outside interests. This understanding attitude has paid off. In an industry where good talent is highly sought after, Abley has exceptionally high retention rates among staff. In addition, Abley has a very even gender split, which is unusual for an engineering company.  Almost every woman who has taken maternity leave, has returned in at least a part time role.

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Abley staff embrace National Go by Bike Day

Posted on: 8 February 2016     Tags:

Today is National go by bike day and Abley staff rose to the challenge and travelled by bike to work.  Not that riding your bike to work is anything unusal for Abley staff, with over half the staff being regular commuters by bike.  Today however, that number rose to just under 80% of staff from our two offices. There were five breakfast snack stations around Christchurch so staff were able to grab a bite and pick up some cycle accessories along the way. Courtney and Shruti at our Auckland office made a detour on their way to work to grab a bite via the new Nelson Street Cycleway, Te Ara I Whiti – the lightpath for cyclists and pedestrians. 

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Auckland Escapade Challenge

Posted on: 5 February 2016     Tags:

On Wednesday 20th January, four of the Abley team (henceforth to be known as The Ablifiers) took part in the room escape game at EscapadeNZ on Victoria Street in Auckland.

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Auckland Office Escape Game