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Bikes vs Cars Movie Screening

Posted on: 29 July 2016    

Here at Abley Transportation Consultants we hold regular social events.  Last Friday we converted our meeting room to a movie theatre and served popcorn, chips and drinks to staff and their families. The movie, ‘Bikes vs Cars’ is a film that recently featured at the architectural film festival on a subject that is very close to our hearts. Here is a synopsis:

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Bikes versus Cars Movie Screening

Crowdsourcing Road Conditions

Posted on: 28 July 2016    

Interpret and Abley have been working closely with the New Zealand Transport Agency to develop a crowdsourcing application alerting road users and road controlling authorities to hazardous winter road conditions. This application is part of Winter Journeys and covers major roads in the South Island. You can read more about the release at NZTA’s website and view the application here.

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Crowdsourcing Road Conditions Image

IPENZ' Diversity in Action Summit

Posted on: 21 July 2016    

Steve Abley is taking part in a panel discussion “Making diversity work: three different perspectives” at IPENZ’s Diversity in Action Summit. The purpose of the summit is to increase gender diversity in the engineering and science sectors, which continues to lag behind other industries. Only 13% of New Zealand engineers are female. IPENZ is taking a leading role in helping to improve the participation and retention of women in engineering and the summit aims to offer practical steps to help design and implement strategies to improve gender diversity. Register here if you wish to attend this summit to be held in August this year at Te Papa, Wellington.

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2WALKandCYCLE Conference

Posted on: 14 July 2016     Tags:

There was a great turnout at the 2WALKandCYCLE conference last week in Auckland! There were some very inspirational speakers, Gil Penazola for example delighted with us the 8 80 Cities and encouragement to hold Open Streets (a day where some streets are closed to motor traffic) creating instant ‘pop-up parks’.  Safer speeds, or as one speaker called them ‘sensible speeds’, were a common theme and there was plenty of discussion and support for creating lower speed zones around schools (not just the frontage road) and residential areas. The NZ Transport Agency Cycling Network Guidance website was launched at the conference and Abley are proud to have been involved in developing this guidance website, it will be a great tool for the industry.

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2walkandcycle conference

Updating the engineering profession's Code of Ethical Conduct

Posted on: 1 July 2016    

The latest edition of Engineering Insight offers some relevant insight into the re-modelling of engineering profession’s Code of Ethical Conduct, which comes into being on 1 July. Steve Abley (FIPENZ) chaired the Code of Ethics Working Group on behalf of IPENZ. The top priority was to address the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission’s recommendations and bring the code up to current public health and safety requirements, as well as making it relevant and easy to interpret. The new code’s focus is on behaviour not rules, “having a code that reflects standards of behaviour is part of what it means to be a professional” (Steve Abley). In the current era, the profession is held accountable for its actions and as a result engineers strive to meet expectation by setting appropriate standards of practice and conduct and providing a robust complaints process. The new Code reflects this by providing a supportive framework for engineering professionals to act within. Engineers are now required to report concerns and significant breaches of the code by other engineers. In addition, new health and safety duties in line with the new Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) are incorporated. Read more about the new Code of Ethics for the engineering profession here.

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EnginInsight Junjul 2016 Cover