Posted on: August 30, 2017 at 8:12 AM    

Abley have been working with East Lake Trust to undertake an initial transport assessment of impacts and constraints, as input to the prefeasibility study for the proposed water sports and recreation area for Christchurch.

Following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes, Canterbury Rowing suggested that land zoned as residential red zone adjacent to Kerr’s Reach could be excavated to form a lake as an international rowing venue and water sports park. East Lake Trust was formed in response to strong public support for a water sports and recreation area.  Trustees are volunteering time to prepare a prefeasibility study of the proposal to establish this community sports and recreation facility.  

The proposed location for the lake is shown below:

1500004113882 east lake map

The proposed length of the lake (2.15km) means that New Brighton Road, which carries approximately 10,000 vehicles per day, would be severed.  Therefore this is one of the key transport issues in Abley's assessment.

"Traffic is a very important issue to the project and the work of Abley Transportation Consultants on traffic distribution has been crucial part of prefeasibility. Abley have done a fantastic job...the donation of their time and report to this charitable project is greatly appreciated", says David Goodman, Chair of East Lake Trust. 

The assessment includes:

  • High level assessment of the network implications of closing New Brighton Road
  • High level consideration of the access and parking needs of the watersports venue
  • Indication of rough order costs that may be incurred to address any network issues

The following image created by Abley, represents a 3D representation of one of the proposed designs of the East Lake Facility. The model was built using layout information provided by Rough and Milne, and utilises Autodesk Infraworks software.  Infraworks provides a quick method of designing and visualising large scale schemes, as well as producing outputs that can feed into the detailed design process.


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