Posted on: February 26, 2019 at 9:59 AM    

Abley has a significant presence at this year’s Transportation Group conference, with seven abstracts accepted for presentation in road safety, active transport and planning. In addition, Bridget Carden is a finalist for the 3M Innovation Award and Jeanette Ward will become (the first female) chair of the Transportation Group National Committee going forward.

Carl O’Neil is presenting alongside Fabian Marsh of the New Zealand Transport Agency. Their presentation focusses on the performance of median barriers in reducing death and serious injury through an analysis of crash data on state highways. The aim of this work was to conclusively demonstrate the effectiveness of median barriers for attaining long-term reduction of road trauma.

Also on the topic of road safety, Carl O' Neil is presenting on the development of a targeted speed management plan from a national dataset with a focus on alignment with local transport strategies.

Bridget Carden’s presentation focusses on the development of an innovative and interactive webtool developed for the Northland Transportation Alliance. The application assists with creating and prioritising projects within road safety programmes. 

Walking is a fundamental human activity that is often overlooked when planning and designing transport networks. Ann-Marie Head’s presentation discusses recent work reviewing the existing national and Australasian guidance on planning and designing for pedestrians and how this guidance is being enhanced.

Ruby Kim is also presenting in a transport planning capacity, demonstrating how a spatial planning model for an urban development area of Munich could be applied in Auckland to inform urban and transportation design challenges.

Becky Tuke, Engineering Graduate at Abley, will demonstrate the influence of district plans on transport outcomes and whether compliance leads to good design outcomes. Becky is also presenting a poster on everything to do with four-way stops.

And Courtney Groundwater is presenting a paper co-authored with colleagues from Steer on accommodating growth on our urban networks.

This year’s conference promises to be as informative and thought provoking as ever! Our team are looking forward to catching up with industry peers and growing their knowledge about the changing face of transport!

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