Posted on: July 1, 2019 at 1:32 PM    

It has been an action-packed week at the Safe Software Partner Summit in Vancouver, learning about some of the ideas and features that are set to grace future FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) versions and capabilities that have recently been added. FME has its origins in spatial data, and it still holds onto that proudly, but it continues to advance its credentials as an Enterprise Data Integration platform that could and should fit into any business. FME has always catered for those that want to run a simple process, but advancements in its FME Server offering allow for complex and amazing data integration opportunities.

It's no wonder that the uptake of FME is growing significantly around the world.

As always, Safe Software are looking towards the future and introducing features that aim to capture trends that are only just emerging in the industry. It is that forward thinking, to see what has just arrived and what is coming, that makes these conferences so interesting. However, it is also the access to a wide range of people whether they be marketers, legal personnel or developers that encourage deeper relationships and better support. It’s now under a year to the 3-yearly FME User Conference and I am looking forward to the launch of a number of new features. If you already use FME, try to make it. If you don’t and are intrigued, we will happily show you FME and what it can do!

Blog written by Todd Davis, Technical Director, Systems and Data

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