Posted on: December 18, 2019 at 12:33 PM    

Last month I was proud to gain my first Esri certification with the Esri Desktop Associate 19-001 certification. I had been considering taking the exam for some time, as I knew it would be great way to demonstrate my knowledge of the Esri platform. Fortunately Abley is really keen to support their employees in ongoing learning opportunities. They encouraged me to give it a go and allowed me time to study, so this gave me the boost to finally go ahead and accomplish it at my first attempt.

Several Esri certifications are available based on the different ArcGIS Products. You can find a full list of them here. I completed the Desktop Associate 19-001 exam which was part of the 19-001 development series that was released this year. This is different from the version specific exam such as 10.5 or 10.4 Desktop exams. This exam focussed more on ArcGIS Pro software with its new interface and improved functionality. The challenge in studying for the exam was that there were not many sample questions or mock tests available online. Preparation could be done through web sessions and online training tutorials, however I feel that this does not give you the complete knowledge required to be fully prepared. You still need a solid background in GIS and fortunately my previous experience gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed for the exam.

Acquiring Esri Certification aligns with the professional development goals for many people working in GIS. It helps in developing your personal brand and to increase your confidence in using the technology. It enhances your credibility as it can assure clients that you are an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of the software and that you are capable of providing the best solutions, with the most current tools, using Esri best practices.

Being an Esri Certified Professional has helped motivate me to perform challenging tasks and gives me inspiration working alongside my professional peers. Within Abley, we have a team of skilled spatial experts with a high-level of technical competency, with most team members having a certification in Esri, among other technologies. A global survey of people sitting the exams found that 85% said they were likely to pursue another Esri technical certification. I think it’s time I think about which exam to pursue next!

Blog written by Rachel Joseph, Spatial Advisor

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