Posted on: June 1, 2018 at 10:52 AM    

For a long while the Esri and Autodesk camps have circled each other, perhaps not sure if they are friends or enemies, but now in perhaps the greatest crossover since the Avengers Infinity Wars, Autodesk and Esri have put aside their rivalries to combat the common enemy Thanos, sorry I mean Open Source.

You see Thanos, aka Open Source, has been steadily growing in power and reach, effecting both Esri and Autodesk’s dominance.  Admittedly Esri might have more to lose but certainly Autodesk is feeling the pressure as well especially in the CAD space where open source alternatives are challenging their status.  So rather than fight these battles alone, Map Man and CAD Woman have teamed up to combine their power, the old maxim that my enemy’s enemy is my friend seemingly the battle cry!

Going forward Esri and Autodesk seek to provide the complete BIM lifecycle, bringing together the Power of GIS and the Power of CAD and BIM to allow infrastructure managers, architects and engineers, to not only understand what is happening in the building but also what is happening around it.

In doing so Esri and Autodesk are creating an unrivalled team of superhero products that they believe Thanos is going to struggle to compete with. 

So as battle grounds are drawn and super heroes polish their tight fitting uniforms and look to land the killer blow, you have to wonder if this is going to be a standalone movie or like most superhero plots a series of sequels where the bad guy never really gets defeated and lives to fight another day?

Blog written by Chris Morris, Spatial Group Manager, Abley

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