Posted on: January 19, 2015 at 3:38 PM    

A business case for a footbridge in Lake Tekapo, prepared by Abley for Mackenzie District Council, has recently received funding approval from the NZ Transport Agency.

The footbridge crosses the Tekapo River inlet between the Church of the Good Shepherd and the Village Centre.  The total cost of construction remaining for the Footbridge is $1.3million, $690,000 will be provided by Mackenzie District Council and the NZ Transport Agency funding.  The remaining funds have been raised through the community.

Abley prepared evidence that demonstrated the need for the footbridge from a road safety and tourism perspective through reducing the crash risk of visitors walking between the Village Centre and the Church or along the Lake’s shoreline   The construction of the footbridge will improve the safety of tourists, provide a safe point for people to view and photograph the Church of Good Shepherd, lake and mountains and link the new Regional Park with other walkways and cycleways around Lake Tekapo.

More information about the footbridge can be found here:


Tekapo Foot Bridge