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Blog written by Stacy Rendall, Principal Spatial Researcher, Interpret Geospatial Solutions

This post is part of a series which describes my development environment from high level technologies down to specific apps - it may be of interest to anyone doing Python or web development. See the first post for a general overview of the technologies that make up this stack.

Installation instructions and configuration/settings for tools introduced in this series can be found in this Bitbucket repository.

Is there something better than cmd.exe?

As with package managers, Windows users are really left out in the cold when it comes to terminals, having only cmd.exe and PowerShell to choose from by default. As a developer, you probably need to use the command prompt alot, for running scripts and reviewing output, so a more user friendly terminal can make a big difference!


Cmder is based on ConEmu terminal (a really great alternative terminal for Windows), but adds a few useful features:

  • Clink completion, which provides command-completion, history and line-ending capabilities,
  • Git integration (depends on Git install type) which can also enable a range of awesome Unix commands, and
  • a great colour scheme out of the box!

Combined with the fact that you get nice fonts, transparency options and configurable colour settings, Cmder is a real joy to use - making everything easier, and helping you become more confident with the command line.

My dev stack 2

Cmder using "ls" and integrating with Git

See the Bitbucket repository for installation instructions (via Scoop) and handy hints

Stay tuned for the next (and last) post of the series, which will describe my preferred code Editor and Linting. I welcome your feedback or comments at

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