Posted on: August 21, 2018 at 10:18 AM    

On Saturday 18 August, Jeanette Ward was delighted to attend the opening ceremony for the new road and shared path that connects the residents of east Kaiapoi to the north of the ‘red zoned’ land. After working with the Waimakariri District Council for over seven years, Mayor David Ayers acknowledged and made special thanks to Jeanette for her hard work and contribution to this significant project.

Following the 2010 Canterbury earthquakes and the red zoning of this area in August 2011, it was clear that the removal of a substantial part of this neighbourhood was likely to have an impact on the remaining residents, particularly for those who have lived there a long time.  Various options to provide a new link road, rather than continuing to use a road through the red zone, were developed to help reconnect the community. 

Once the red zone Regeneration Plan was released in 2016, the design process for the new connection began.  Jeanette developed a concept plan that would meet the needs of the community and connected the land uses of both sides of the road corridor.  This is the final part of the puzzle for the recovery team and this opening was a great opportunity to celebrate with the community and enjoy a contingent of classic cars!  

new road in kaiapoi