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The Australasian Pedestrian Crossing Facility Selection tool was first released in 2014, allowing practitioners throughout New Zealand and Australia to assess a wide range of possible crossing options at both midblock and intersection locations.

Prior to the development of the web-based tool there were few options for categorically assessing the economic and level of service implications of different pedestrian crossings at a site – a few jurisdictions had spreadsheet tools, although these were often limited.

Research for and development of the tool was conducted by Abley for Austroads, with guidance from a working group consisting of all Australian and New Zealand road controlling authorities. The research involved an extensive international literature review, plus conducting new focus group studies to assess pedestrian perceptions of delay and safety at different types of facility.  Abley developed a modern user-friendly web interface for the tool, which lays out the required inputs in a clear manner and guides the user through the process of assessing all the different feasible options for a site. 

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Australasian Pedestrian Crossing Facility Selection Tool Version 2.0

Following user feedback, the Austroads working group recently approved a range of updates to the tool, which Abley has since developed. Version 2.0 of the tool was subsequently released on the 13th of April 2018. The version 2.0 user guide presents a full list of changes, in summary:

  • When facilities are determined not to be feasible the tool now lists the reasons for this determination
  • The appearance of the tool has been improved, providing a better experience across a range of browsers and more streamlined access to the tool
  • Maintenance costs of facilities can now be accounted for during assessments
  • Save/load functionality implemented in version 1.3.0 has been further enhanced
  • The tool can now test crossing upgrades, rather than just new facilities
  • Locations with an existing median present can now be assessed
  • The delay calculation for zebra crossings has been updated on the basis of recent research
  • The tool now provides a printable form for easily collecting site information
  • The support request process has been streamlined

Check out the updated tool at and register for the upcoming webinar.

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