Posted on: December 6, 2019 at 10:37 AM    

Straight out of the rowing boat and on to the hockey turf, Abley has made a successful comeback to hockey after taking a number of seasons off. 

‘Nichola’s Ninja’s’, aka the Abley Hockey Team, are dominating the Canterbury Hockey Summer 6-aside Novice Grade, having gone undefeated with only one game left to play. The team showcases the talent of a number of ex-hockey players, a few beginners and a couple of regular competitors. The team’s slick passing, relentless attack and solid defense makes Abley the team to beat!

Potentially in the wrong grade, Abley has asserted dominance over the other teams in the competition with some double figure margins. After having an unsuccessful winter hockey season myself, I am loving the opportunity to score some goals and be on the winning side for a change. The team is alot of fun and it’s great to see people of all abilities and ages running around the hockey turf having a good time. 

Thanks to Nichola for being the team manager - we look forward to your debut in the last game of the season. Thanks also to all the regulars in the team who have made the game exciting, inclusive and fun, and a special mention to Becky and Nick for giving hockey a go. This has been a great season and I look forward playing again next year, maybe in a more competitive grade!

Written by Tessa Adolph, Administrator

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