Posted on: October 26, 2016 at 11:37 AM    

Matthew Noon, Principal Transportation Planner at Abley, worked in the Europe freight sector for 10 years, and recently had the opportunity to share his insights on the future of urban freight at the NZ Transport Fuels & Fleet Management Summit 2016.  Delegates from over 100 organisations attended the two-day conference, which focussed on the increasing pace of change and opportunities facing the freight industry. 

Matthew’s presentation looked at the key drivers of freight industry developments in Europe and what we can learn from this in New Zealand.  Road transport is currently responsible for 50% of outdoor air pollution health and financial impacts, with the estimated cost to New Zealand being approximately NZD$1 billion per year.  Greenhouse gas emissions and congestion are the most serious environmental issues facing freight/logistics, so it is important that fleet owners urgently consider future alternatives such as clean(er) fuels and smarter, more sustainable urban freight practices.  Large UK corporates (and others) will soon be requesting emissions-related information from across their entire supply chain.  Products such as Manuka honey, Marlborough wine or Canterbury Lamb that is destined for UK supermarkets will all require verified emissions reporting.