Posted on: July 20, 2017 at 10:41 AM    

In early August, Paul Durdin will be presenting as a finalist for the ‘Data Visualization Project Award’ at the 2017 Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals (ATSIP) Traffic Records Forum in New Orleans. The conference brings together data analysts, state and local law enforcement officials, engineers, motor vehicle officials, emergency medical services providers, judicial administrators, and highway safety professionals from across the United States and international communities.

Paul’s presentation showcases a suite of analytical risk assessment techniques (developed inside a geospatial environment) that have been applied to road networks across New Zealand and Australia. With many current risk assessment methods requiring the onerous collection of data, Paul’s presentation focuses on the utilization of data already held by transport authorities and streamlining risk assessment methods to those factors that have the most influence on road safety risk. This approach enables the techniques to be equally applied over state and local roads, thus creating a “whole of network” insight of risk. Using geospatial tools, the outputs are presented in visual and interactive format that are accessible to professionals and non-technical people alike. This work is unique to Abley and Interpret and is changing the way we and other transport professionals approach road safety.

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