Posted on: September 30, 2019 at 9:22 AM    

Our People & Places team hit the streets of Christchurch recently, on a technical tour led by Jeanette Ward, the team’s technical director. The tour looked at the elements that contribute to great places for people in the central city, the following pictures provide a snippet of what we saw.


The Avon River promenade is a shared space street, the middle sections are entirely paved but the sections at each end have an asphalt traffic zone - this doesn’t necessarily detract from the intent of the shared space.

13 paving features representing woven mats bring mana whenua cultural elements into the promenade.  Whāriki are woven mats which utilise traditional Raranga weaving techniques.

Street art adds to the ‘things to see and do’ element of Healthy Streets.

Wayfinding plinths assist visitors but the parked shared micro-mobility devices block access to the plinth.

The devil is in the detail, its great to create shared spaces, but if business owners don’t understand how they should be used the benefits can be lost.  In this case the paved strip that has a rougher texture is designed to allow visually impaired people, who are following the building edge, a cue of where there might be traffic.

The team spent a long time watching cyclists and checking the counter was counting them – it was!


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