Posted on: June 15, 2017 at 11:29 AM    

We have recently launched a travel plan to support our staff moving into our new office in central Christchurch.

Branded TravelWhiz, the plan includes a range of initiatives to encourage staff to make informed travel choices. The travel plan was launched by giving all Christchurch staff personalised journey plans from their home to the new office by different travel modes. The journey plans also included information on calories burned if walking or cycling to work, offer of a free metrocard to use the bus, information on how to use the booking system we have implemented to enable sharing of our on-site parking spaces, and a map showing alternative long term parking areas within walking distance of the office.

Other initiatives include a large secure cycle storage area, and a guaranteed ride home policy to assist a staff member if they experience an unexpected or emergency event and need to get home. We are looking at rolling out more initiatives over the coming months as well as supporting staff in our Auckland office as the travel plan is an ongoing programme of initiatives making Abley a great place to work.

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