Posted on: November 7, 2019 at 8:49 AM    

This whole GIS/Geospatial/Location/Spatial Analysis thing can be quite confusing. Just when you think you understand it, something else comes along and what you thought you knew is now out-of-date, or called something else, or has been replaced by something new. This makes it pretty difficult to explain what exactly it is that you do. Recognising this, the leading global GIS provider Esri, also our partner, has recently undertaken a world first and have launched an advertisement on television across the United States. At first glance this isn’t much of a story, but dig a little deeper and actually it’s very exciting, especially if you work in the spatial industry or indeed understand very little about it.

Esri currently owns about 43% of the global GIS market and has around 1 million customers over 200 countries.  With an annual revenue of over $1.1 billion USD and growing, they are by no measure a small company, however if you try to explain to someone that you work in GIS, the majority of the time you will see a blank face. Simply put, the penetration of GIS into the average persons psyche is limited and Esri know it. And so after 50 years of operation, Esri are going mainstream and are embarking on a series of TV adverts across the US, in which they plan on enlightening the general public about location technology their message is simple:

“When you look at the world, what do you see? Where others see chaos, we see patterns. Connections. Relationships. When you use Esri location technology, you can see where things happen—before they happen. With Esri location technology, you can see what others can’t.”

So if you are one of those blank faces who doesn’t know your GIS from your Location Analytics, then watch the advert and then get in touch.  We’ll be able to help you see the patterns, connections and relationships that others can’t!

Blog written by Chris Morris, Spatial & Technology Manager


See what others cant