Posted on: May 1, 2019 at 2:35 PM    

Andrew Wilson, Matthew Noon and Dale Harris are presenting at T-Tech 2019. T-Tech, brought to us by Intelligent Transport Systems New Zealand, aims to inform on the future of transport and mobility with topics covering governance, major projects and initiatives which will shape the industry in years to come.

Andrew will be presenting on Abley’s development of a 3D model which uses spatial technology to calculate the safe amount of visibility required to overtake on any given stretch of road. The model considers any impedance to visibility of oncoming traffic, such as hills, road curvature and vegetation, so traffic authorities can implement changes to make roads safer. 

With a similar focus on road safety, Matthew’s presentation incorporates geospatial and data science techniques to look at traffic related incidents across the road network to inform a more proactive approach to addressing poor driver behaviour. Both Andrew and Matthew’s work are unique and novel solutions to various aspects of roads safety.

Dale will be co-presenting a presentation and panel session with Clare Piper (Christchurch City Council) on behalf of Women in Urbanism Aotearoa. Both are passionate about transforming our cities into safe, accessible and equitable urban environments that support all. This presentation focuses on using smarter data collection methods and including qualitative data to support better transport outcomes for communities, with a particular focus on women and girls. 

T-Tech is being held 6 – 7 May in the Christchurch Town Hall.

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