Posted on: June 10, 2020 at 8:48 AM    

Getting sign off to implement a tactical urbanism project often comes down to road safety. While in the transport industry we understand the safety impacts of more traditional projects, tactical urbanism is novel and can bring with it a ‘fear of the unknown’. Key considerations when weighing up the level of road safety risk include: 

  • The speed environment created in and around the study area 
  • The length of time the intervention will be in place 
  • The change in use and user types 

Tactical urbanism projects are often seeking to create a safer environment, particularly for some of our most vulnerable road users. The transport engineer should be able to understand this and work with the project team to achieve a design that satisfies any road safety concerns while maintaining the integrity of the design.

An example might be where a safety audit has highlighted that a parklet could be a hazard to moving vehicles, well so was the vehicle that would have otherwise been parked there. Acknowledging that some parklets are sturdy structures it might just be a matter of setting the edge back from the live lane a little and including a reflector strip on the corner of the structure, rather than a separate flexi post that can detract from the amenity.

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