Posted on: October 24, 2014 at 4:21 PM    

Abley entered two teams into the recent 6 Hour Blast held at Mcleans Island mountain bike track in the weekend. Both teams were entered into the corporate teams section.

Masters of the Big Ring (Abley’s more serious team) consisting of Steve Abley , Robyn Hyde , Ann-Marie and Alex Head finished a credible 28th in their category. Abley Couch Potatoes (the more social of the two teams), consisting of Nicole Bennett , Dave Smith , Lana Burtenshaw, Jana Pfefferova and Helen Roulston finished in the mid 100's. The 6 Hour Blast is a mountain bike relay event where each team member completes a circuit of the course (13.5km), with the team trying to complete as many circuits as they can in 6 hours. Both teams had a busy day but it was made even more successful with the help of our three supporters. Stacy Rendall (Chief BBQ cooker) Joshua Head (up and coming mountain bike superstar) and Kurt Janssen (Coach).

6 hour blast challenge