Posted on: August 11, 2020 at 8:53 AM    

The Downstream conference is billed as “Energy Sector's Annual Strategic Forum” and was held in Wellington from 3-4 August 2020. Mark Thompson headed along to check out the conference, and to share our digital engineering and geospatial expertise in vegetation encroachment analysis.

The seminars and speakers lived up to the tagline by presenting on a range of topics about the direction and innovation required in the energy sector. One of the highlights was a four-way political leaders’ debate that focused on regulation and renewable energy.

The conference was originally scheduled for March but was postponed due to COVID-19 and was unsurprisingly the first conference of the year for many people. There were over 350 people registered to attend online or in person and the attendees I spoke to really enjoyed the conference.

The conference had one of the best online presence I have experienced. The platform they used made you feel like you were attending the conference with virtual foyer and conference halls. All the sessions were live streamed and there were excellent virtual networking and exhibitor areas, including a highly customisable virtual booth.

Abley attended the conference as an exhibitor, sharing the booth with LandPro to demonstrate the capture, analysis and visualisation capability that our organisations can deliver for clients who deal with vegetation encroachment and treefall. These issues are a constant threat to secure electricity supply and the offering from LandPro and Abley ensures that vegetation threats can be prioritised and removed before supply is disrupted.

During the conference, I also attended two interesting breakfast presentations which were worth getting up early for. The first was on Hydrogen energy and the activities worldwide at manufacturing hydrogen from wind generation and the cost benefit of hydrogen for mass transit and heavy vehicles. 

The other presentation was about the “look up and live” workplace safety campaign from Queensland, which has successfully reduced the incidents and fatalities resulting from contact with overhead powerlines. This solution used an Esri web map to help contractors understand and plan how to manage the risks of overhead cables on their job site.

This well-organised conference provided a great opportunity to learn, share and network with others - it was a really enjoyable couple of days in Wellington.

To find out more about how our Digital Engineering and Spatial teams can capture, analyse and visualise vegetation encroachment and treefall, view our flyer and our exhibition booth demonstration video below or contact Mark Thompson.

Abley Downstream Conference video

Blog written by Mark Thompson, Associate Spatial Advisor