Posted on: December 20, 2017 at 11:16 AM    

A warm welcome to Penny Gray, who recently joined our Abley team as a Senior Transportation Engineer.

Penny worked for the Christchurch City Council for 7 years and also has experience working for consultancies in the United Kingdon (UK).  Penny has a Post Graduate Certificate in Transportation Engineering from Canterbury University and is now considering further studies to attain a Masters in Engineering.

During her time at the Christchurch City Council, Penny used her transport engineering skills to manage the Minor Safety and Blackspot Removals programme for 2011/12 financial year and developed a 5-year programme for the Optimisation and Pedestrian Improvements budget in 2017.  She was the sole traffic engineer for the Papanui-Innes community board area and assessed the roading network in this area using CAS, Safer Journeys Risk Assessment Tool and traffic counts to identify and solve issues on the road network.

While working in the UK, Penny worked at the London Borough of Southwark, on the beginnings of the cycle network in Southwark.  Additionally, Penny worked on the transport route assessment proposals for the Friar’s Walk shopping and leisure centre in Newport, Wales (which is now fully open), and also on a public realm strategy involving assessing corridors in Belfast using the Link and Place method.

Outside of work, Penny loves sport and plays squash for the Christchurch Football Club in the Division One interclub competition, although she doesn’t get a lot of spare time to train as her 4-year-old twins occupy a large portion of her time...fortunately they are looking like they'll be promising sports people!


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