Andrew Wilson

Digital Engineering Lead
Dip 3D Animation Cert CAD

About Andrew

Andrew is a versatile professional with vast experience across both spatial and transportation engineering. A background in engineering design and CAD systems has positioned Andrew as Abley’s Digital Engineering (DE) expert. His ability to provide innovative approaches to solving complex problems allows him to maximise value and efficiency to our clients. His experience using products such as Civil3D, Infraworks, Recap, and FME makes him a wealth of knowledge for all things DE.

What Andrew has to say:

What made you decide to become an Engineering Technologist?

A passion for design and digital technology, and the desire for a career that will continuously evolve to challenge me.

What did you do before joining Abley?

Prior to joining Abley I had experience as a CAD Technician and 3D modeller operating across many fields of engineering such as electrical, water and civil as well as experience producing design visualisations & animations.

What does a typical day in the office include?

My typical day involves assisting our engineering in making decisions about design, transforming and leveraging new digital data sources, and visualising new development concepts.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the opportunity to solve problems that affect everyone on a daily basis, and taking on problems that others may consider too difficult.

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

The biggest challenge for me is working on such a wide variety of clients and technology, and keeping everyone up to date.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

Being the architect of Abley’s Safe View product, and producing visualisation featured in prominent print media.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Indoor sports, fishing, learning and tinkering with new technology.