Hamish Kingsbury

Senior Spatial Data Specialist
PGDipGIS(Distinction) BSc, FME Certified Professional, Esri Certified Web Application Developer Associate, Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Entrys
Direct: +64 3 367 9082
Mobile: +64 27 373 9475

About Hamish:

Hamish started as a GIS Intern whilst he finished his Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) in GIS. When he completed his study, he joined Abley as a Graduate GIS Consultant.

Hamish has worked on urban risk mapping projects using ArcGIS tools to analyse vehicle crash data to identify high risk intersections and road corridors. These results are then used to assist the local road controlling authorities in improving roads and intersections. Hamish has also work on developing an innovative tool that incorporates road safety data into a vehicle routing system.

What made you decide to become a GIS analyst?

I was introduced to GIS in my undergraduate studies in geography. I gained an interest and decided to take the PGDip GIS course offered at the University of Canterbury.

What did you do before joining Abley?

Before joining Abley, I was a student. I had done some work with City Care helping to manage and collate data for their roadside assets team.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The challenges and diversity. GIS can be applied to a wide range of disciplines and topics. As a result, no job is the same. Each new job brings in a new challenge and requires you to research and test out different methods. There’s nothing quite like battling away at a problem and solving it just before 5pm!

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

Trying to figure out how to best use and display data. You can have the best data in the world, but if it is used incorrectly, or displayed poorly, then it is worthless. The flip side of this is poor data. There’s a saying that goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’. You can’t get a great result from poor data.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

I was awarded the 2015 New Zealand ESRI Young Scholars Award for my work on incorporating road safety into a vehicle routing network. I got to attend the 2015 International ESRI Users Conference held in San Diego and had my work displayed in the Map Gallery. I have also been accepted as a finalist for Student of the Year in the 2015 NZ Spatial Awards to be held mid November.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy mountain biking, tramping and general outdoor activities; however don’t be surprised to find me on the couch playing xbox! I also have an interest in photography and enjoy spending time with family and friends.