Vince Poy

Principal Spatial & Database Adviser
Direct: +64 9 320 5014
Mobile: +64 27 2367875

About Vince

Vince completed his studies in Victoria University of Wellington with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics and a post graduate diploma in Financial (Actuarial) Mathematics. Most of Vince’s career is centred in Wellington, while working as a database administrator for a variety of organisations in the government and private sector. Vince started working in the GIS field when joining Explorer Graphics Ltd, primarily as a database administrator. Vince has also been involved with many projects and has supported clients using ArcGIS.

What Vince has to say:

What made you decide to become a GIS Consultant?

Having worked in a number of organisations as an in-house IT specialist, I now enjoy applying my experiences to the challenges of being a consultant with a variety of projects and clients from different industries. I fall into ‘the gap’ between IT systems and GIS solutions.

What did you do before joining Abley?

During my early years as an IT specialist I worked for the Ministry of Health, TelstraClear Ltd (now Vodafone), the National Bank of NZ and the Correspondence School. As a GIS consultant I worked for Explorer Graphics Ltd (name changed to NorthSouth GIS Ltd and changed again to AAM).

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working closely with people. This means sharing ideas and experiences to produce the best outcomes.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Finding the best and most elegant solution from end to end. I'm not satisfied with producing something that simply works. With my operational background I have ongoing maintenance in mind.

What has been your career highlight so far?

After the Canterbury quakes, a mapping application called Forward Works was developed to help with the rebuild. This application is being widely used to share spatial data between organisations among both government and private companies. I was involved with the database, mapping (ArcGIS) and security.

 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

 Since the birth of my son I don’t have share time anymore! I now have an opportunity to share my interests with him as he grows and develops. I enjoy a variety of sports, food, music and science.