It's not all about work! Here at Abley we enjoy a range of social and recreational activities.


Badminton is a popular lunchtime pursuit for staff. Both doubles and singles tournaments are organised on occasion and the finals are normally a popular spectator sport.


CrossFit sessions are normally held twice a week and this is also a popular lunchtime pursuit for staff. A weekly yoga session is also held. If CrossFit or Yoga isn’t their thing, some staff will go for a run in their lunchbreaks. 

Baking Day

Each Wednesday at Abley is Baking Day where a rostered staff members will bake for the rest of the team. This is a great opportunity for staff to come together and enjoy each other’s company in a fun and relaxed environment.

Christmas/Mid-winter Xmas functions

Each year, Christmas and mid-winter Christmas dinners are put on for all staff, with other activities normally offered before the dinner. The previous Christmas dinner was held in Hanmer Springs. Staff enjoyed an afternoon playing paintball and mini golf, walking in the scenic forests and soaking in the hot pools. Staff were then treated to a wine tasting and three course dinner at Marble Point Winery.

Mid-year trip

A weekend away for all staff members is organised each year. The previous trip was held at Arthurs Pass. Staff caught the train to and from Arthurs Pass and enjoyed a relaxing weekend at a lodge in the township. In past years Tekapo and Hanmer Springs have been popular destinations.

Family friendly events

Some events are specifically organised with families in mind. Recently staff were invited to attend a performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at Riccarton Bush with dinner provided. An orienteering event was also held recently which saw teams compete to see who could score the most points in an hour at Victoria Park in Christchurch.

Friday/after-work drinks

Each week it is traditional for the newest graduate staff member to hand out drinks to the rest of the company. Some staff also stay on after work to play pool and have a few more drinks.