The Challenge

Auckland Transport proposed to make extensive changes to its bus system with the aim of increasing the usefulness of public transport in the city, while decreasing the complexity of the network. But changes to public transport networks and infrastructure are costly to implement, so it’s important to get it right first time. Auckland Transport came to us to find out if the proposed network would provide the same sort of coverage as the existing one.

The Solution

We compared the effectiveness of the current and proposed transport networks by using our tried-and-tested Accessibility Modeling framework. This involves measuring peoples’ ability to reach desired destinations within a specified timeframe using a specific mode of transport, on both the existing and proposed networks.

The Outcome

The end result was a household-scale dataset showing who could get where, when. We crunched the numbers to produce clear and concise statistics for Auckland Transport, breaking the results down by scenario and destination. We also provided the graphical outputs in a secure webviewer so that the folks at Auckland Transport could view them at their leisure.