The Challenge

Auckland Transport (AT) has adopted the Ministry of Transport’s long-term vision of a ‘safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury’. In Auckland, there is a dispersed nature of fatal and serious injury crashes on the rural road network. Abley was commissioned to provide detailed delineation plans for 20 rural roads in the north of Auckland.

The Solution

Abley adopted and implemented the Auckland Transport Rural Road Signage and Delineation Plan methodology to achieve a consistent design outcome for rural curves. Several site visits were undertaken to collect and determine required design parameters (for example, operating speed and design speed of the selected routes, the width of road pavement, condition of existing signage, road marking and road delineation). The category of each curve and the appropriate signage and delineation were determined.

The Outcome

Plans, cost estimates and risk register identifying a consistent signage and delineation design for each corridor were produced.  Application of the delineation methodology enables a consistent management strategy across the entire network.  This will provide drivers with a consistent message regarding the severity of bends across the entire Auckland rural road network and result in greater community benefits associated with reduced incidence of crashes and improved driver legibility.


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