The Challenge

Abley were commissioned by the Environmental Protection Authority to provide independent transport expert advice directly to the Board presiding over the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry.  It is the first time that a Board of Inquiry has sought the services of professionals to provide transportation advice directly to the Board.

The Solution

Dave Smith and Paul Durdin were appointed as independent transport experts to review the traffic and transportation assessment of effects supporting application in front of the Board.  The extent of the review covered a myriad of matters from option assessment, transport modelling, growth projections, economic analysis and safety considerations, through to walking and cycling accessibility, engineering design and construction effects.  Dave and Paul were also called on to consider the views of those that lodged submissions on the application, to participate in expert witness conferencing with the Transport Agency’s experts and experts representing stakeholders and submitters, and to present evidence at the Board of Inquiry. 

The Outcome

Following the completion of the hearing the Board of Inquiry published their decision informed by evidence heard from many experts across a range of disciplines including the traffic and transportation stream. Subsequent to this project Abley have been called upon to provide pre-lodgement transportation advice to the Environmental Protection Authority.