The Challenge

Each year the capability of FME Server continues to grow and while the web interface allows for the ability to configure a wide range of processes and options, there are some things that it isn’t designed to do. We wanted to administrate and audit our FME Server and our client’s FME Server. We also wanted to be able to include details in reports, catch issues before they happen, and provide a robust administration processes. Some of the things we needed included: 

The Solution

Most of the processes revolve around utilising FME Server Rest API to pull information or run automated processes that will complete tasks on regular schedules. Several FME Workspaces are used for the different processes, with a number of FME Server Dashboards created, external outputs created for official documentation, and validation and testing of processes that notify administrators of any issue via the likes of email, SMS or phone.

The Outcome

Abley continue to build a large resource of administration and auditing tools in FME Server, allowing us to provide details to our clients about the setup of their FME Server, reducing the risk of prolonged issued, greater understanding of the FME Server environment and a proactive approach to the management of FME Server.

 FH Server 2

FH Server 3