The Challenge

When Fulton Hogan decided to go ahead and utilise FME Server they wanted to understand how to setup the system and the steps to maintaining security and obtain the best performance out of the system. Fulton Hogan IT run a Enterprise system where the environment is locked down by default, so they needed an organisation that could inform them of all the requirements to install FME Server and what allowances would need to be made.

 The Solution

Abley, as a Safe Software Solution Provider and a Certified FME Server Professional, have installed and maintain many FME Servers and spend a significant time understanding new features that are implemented into FME Server. Abley understand the components that make up FME Server and how they interact, plus have a close relationship with FME Server team at Safe for when new features are required.  Abley and Fulton Hogan worked together to develop processes on how to secure data sources, appropriate user security and FME Server deployment. The administration of the FME Server system post-install was a key point in the ongoing ability of FME Server to run in both secure and optimal approach.

 The Outcome

Abley staff worked with Fulton Hogan’s IT team to implement the install of FME Server and implement a number of connections to external resources. Once the setup of the system was completed, the administration of the system ensures that the FME Server runs seamlessly in the background of many process.

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