The Challenge

Abley were engaged as a subconsultant to support Cardno deliver a Network Operating Plan for Gisborne District Council. At present there is no integrated transport network plan for helping Gisborne plan its future transport network.

The Solution

Abley’s primary role on the project was to build a geographic network in GIS and develop a data scheme for all transport information (multi-modal throughput and level of service).

Once the databank was established, Abley converted the data into Network Fit Assessment tool to assist in the identification of the operating gaps. The team entered a range of interventions across the network to assess their impact on the network performance, and the network fit. Abley developed the outputs from the tool to be entered into the report. Abley provided advice throughout this process and attended a workshop with the project stakeholders.

The Outcome

Abley was pleased to be able to be part of the process to improve the overall network performance of the Gisborne region.