The Challenge

Since the previous Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) for Gisborne District Council (GDC) was prepared, the draft 2018-21 Government Policy Statement (GPS) and the draft 2018-21 Investment Assessment Framework (IAF) were introduced.  The changes necessitate a revision to the recommended programme of works for 2018-21 to incorporate the two new strategies. 

The Solution

The Tairawhiti (Integrated Transport Priority Plan) ITPP sets out a proposed programme of works including short term items for consideration in the 2018-21 RLTP. To reflect the changes in the new IAF guidance, a process was developed for the programme to be assessed against the two new IAF factors and GPS outcomes.

The Outcome

This project updated and tied through two new strategies that had formed since the last RLTP. This helped to align the programme of works towards the overarching goals of the 2018-21 GPS and also provide an updated evaluation as per the 2018-21 IAF. Together a revised recommended programme was summarised for the 2018-21 RLTP.

Gisborne Regional Land Transport Plan Update