The Challenge

This workflow involves contract areas and consultants to apply for funding for low cost low risk improvements. The workflow also involves the NZ Transport Agency authorised personnel to analyse the projects, prioritise and approve funding for the qualifying projects.

As shown in the image below, contract areas and consultants previously emailed Excel sheets and supporting documents to the corresponding personnel at NZ Transport Agency, who would then consolidate all the projects into one excel sheet and then email that to the deciding personnel. The approved projects will be marked in the Excel sheet and emailed back to the personnel who consolidated the projects. The next step would be to contact the corresponding contract areas and consultants, then proceed with the rest of the funding process. This process resulted in a lot of emails and Excel sheets, with no real reporting facility.

The Solution

All projects needed to be accessible in one place, inside a web application. All email communications needed to be directed into the site, making the communications to be on a project by project basis. Users are required fill in all of the required details before the submitting the project. Reporting needs to be flexible to be filtered, sorted and prioritised by few different fields.


The Outcome

A web application was built, that is accessible through the internet, but secured by individual logins. Contract areas and consultants are invited to the system through an email generated from the site.. The site enables the users to create a new project, upload supporting documents, and fill in a form that could be saved and submitted later. The submission will enforce validations on required details and email notifications will keep the users in the loop. Each project has a comments section which will allow communications regarding a specific project to be kept in one place. Report generation made easy!

The NZ Transport Agency personnel are now able to prioritise projects based on all of the relevant fields, providing clarity for analysis. The approval process is now just a matter of selecting multiple projects and clicking a button. The rest of communication is all done by the application itself.