The Challenge

Abley were appointed to consider a new Road Reserve Designation proposed by Auckland Transport for the widening of Lincoln Road.  This had a direct impact on the operation of an existing Z Energy Service Station as both entry and exits were negatively impacted by the proposals.  Our team considered the implications of the proposal against those of the Unitary Plan, specifically in respect of the safety of vehicles using the proposed slip lane, effects on the frontage to the site, implications of the median barrier and temporary adverse effects.

The Solution

Abley submitted a statement of evidence to the hearing panel indicating the perceived problems with the proposal and promoting an alternative design that reduced land take and mitigated the majority of the impacts of the proposed widening.  We negotiated changes to the proposed design with the applicant’s engineers, together with changes to the proposed conditions of the proposed application.

The Outcome

The negotiated changes were incorporated into the final approval to the satisfaction of the client ensuring optimal operation of the facility during and post construction of the proposed road widening.

Lincoln Rd Designation