The Challenge

Abley were engaged to develop a multi-modal multi-metric Network Operating Plan for Tauranga City to identify mode based Level of Service gaps and test scenarios around their treatment to inform future works programmes on a one network basis.

The Solution

We implemented Austroads research to assess operational gaps across all transportation modes, using multiple metrics including mobility, safety, accessibility and amenity.  This approach required assessment of which data and values were the most meaningful to the analysis. Using a variety of inputs enabled stakeholders to make informed decisions, and provided the opportunity to efficiently produce a Network Operating Framework (NOF) with qualitative outcomes that support long term planning.

The Outcome

The completion of the horizontal analysis helped identify the locations where investment should be focused.  The vertical analysis on focus areas enabled individual scenarios and interventions to be tested and modified to align with the strategic objectives.  The overall outcome helps decision makers understand the implications of their short terms decisions on achieving the long term goals and how these interventions impact on each mode over the short term.

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