The Challenge

The Wellington regional office of the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) was looking to develop a system to prioritise safety projects on state highways within their region. They already had a considerable amount of quality data; they now needed a way to review that data, bring clarity to it, and use it to objectively identify risks in the network so safety projects could be prioritised.

The Solution

In order to translate a wide range of data into a usable format we used GIS to create SafetyNET, an internal resource which helps the NZTA team identify risks on the State Highway network. The initial deliverable was so well received at a regional level that we were commissioned to extend SafetyNET to all of New Zealand. SafetyNET provides a number of reactive and proactive risk metrics for intersections and sections of the State Highway network. SafetyNET does not tell the NZTA what actions to take – it simply arms them with the information and insights they need to effortlessly identify those parts of the network that warrant attention for targeted investigation and investment.

The Outcome

The system is updated annually, and new features are constantly being added as the NZTA becomes more and more aware of SafetyNet’s full capabilities. SafetyNET was adopted as the NZTA’s flagship road safety tool and was the base upon which $50 million of road safety improvements were programmed for the following decade.