The Challenge

Abley were approached in 2016 by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to provide independent transport expert advice to the EPA in the pre-lodgement stage of NZ Transport Agency’s Northern Corridor Improvements application for Notice of Requirement and Resource Consent.  

The Solution

Dave Smith was appointed as the independent transport expert to review the draft Integrated Transportation Assessment prepared prior to lodging the application with the EPA.  The extent of the review option assessment, transport modelling, growth projections, and safety considerations.  Dave provided feedback directly to the Transport Agency’s experts, which addressed potential issues that may have arisen as gaps of deficiencies later in the Board of Inquiry process. 

The Outcome

The revised Integrated Transport Assessment which informed the Assessment of Environmental Effects accompanying the application clearly demonstrated the transportation effects of the proposal. Abley were on call to assist the Board during the hearing but were not required to provide additional advice.