The Challenge

Abley was commissioned by one of New Zealand’s leading retirement village operators to aid in the transport planning and design of a 250-unit flagship retirement village in Hobsonville. Hobsonville is a developing neighbourhood in Auckland which features coastlines and a ferry connection directly to the Auckland CBD.  Given its location and the fact it was recently re-zoned from rural to urban to allow high density residential developments, development was heavily controlled through the local precinct plans which specify transport related outcomes such as an accessible and intuitive environment for all road users.

The Solution

During the consenting phase, Abley initially prepared an Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) to demonstrate how the traffic volumes generated by the village fit within the trip generation thresholds outlined in the precinct plan.  Abley worked with the architect and the client to assist with decisions on the density of the retirement village.

Road cross sections were designed to include shared paths and connections to the paths along the coastlines to allow local residents to enjoy the surrounding areas.  The roads within the village were designed with less able residents in mind to ensure they would not feature any tripping hazards and were mobility scooter friendly.  The roads surrounding the village were designed to include raised tables to ensure the operating speed of vehicles would be 30 k/hr.  This speed environment was implemented as it provides less able pedestrians, confidence to use pedestrian crossings and also provides a safer environment for all users visiting the site. Traffic control and wayfinding signage was designed for the surrounding area and the retirement village to provide an intuitive transport environment.

The Outcome

With Abley’s expertise, a retirement village was developed which not only satisfied the precinct plans rules as judged by Council but also achieved a high-density village that maximised the space available.  A balance was found in the design which satisfied the transport planning requirements, and the village residents’ requirements which resulted in a well-designed village for the Hobsonville suburb.