The Challenge

Foodstuffs South Island Limited sought the expertise of Abley to prepare an Integrated Transport Assessment to accompany the resource consent application to establish a new PAK’nSAVE supermarket, emergency coordination facility and self-service fuel station at 171 Main North Road, Papanui, Christchurch. A key feature of the proposal is a new signalised intersection on Main North Road providing safer and more efficient access for vehicles to and from the entire site and improved pedestrian access across Main North Road. Signal optimisation is also proposed at the Main North Road / Northcote Road / QEII Drive signals to improve both the safety and efficiency performance of the intersection.

The Solution

Abley prepared an Integrated Transport Assessment to accompany the resource consent application, and built a microsimulation (s-Paramics) transport model to assess the impact of the proposal on the wider road network. The outcome of the modelling indicated that while the supermarket has a large traffic generating footprint, the majority of trips are already on the network as they pass by the site or are trips diverted from elsewhere on the local network. The extensive mitigation offered as part of the application led to several positive safety and efficiency effects in the supermarket vicinity.

The Outcome

The application was publicly notified and referred to a hearing where Abley provided expert transport evidence. The resource consent has recently been approved by an independent commissioner, giving PAK’nSAVE the green light to proceed.