The Ports of Auckland undertake regular inspections of assets to ensure operations continue to run smoothly. It’s crucial that any asset defects that put employees at risk or hinder operational efficiency are quickly resolved. A good example of this are pavement defects which require continuous maintenance and renewals.

The Solution

Using Collector for ArcGIS and Web App Builder, Interpret created an ArcGIS Online solution to identify and monitor pavement defects. Regular pavement inspections are carried out by trained staff members who locate pavement defects using a mobile device. The user can qualify the pavement defect, assign a priority rating, and take images all through the mobile application while in the field. This data is uploaded to a secure cloud environment where asset management can review all incoming defects. Users with certain privileges assign contractors and fix methods to jobs, arrange repair dates, and manage any disruption to day to day activities. A dashboard themed application was also developed which highlights any recently identified defects and provides a summary view of both active and historical defects.

The Outcome

The Pavement Defects application has made the identification and repair of pavement defects a much smoother process. The ability to filter and search through both active defects and historical defects provides a valuable insight into the causes of different defect types and helps identify which repair jobs are the most efficient. Ultimately, this kind of intelligent asset management reduces the frequency of future defects and minimises the negative impact they have on economic activity.

POAL Pavements3