The Challenge

Practitioners throughout New Zealand and Australia had few tools available to help them choose the right pedestrian crossing for a given location, and achieve optimum pedestrian level of service and economic performance outcomes.

Austroads identified the need for a smart tool to help determine the best crossing facilities in a wide array of roading environments throughout Australia and New Zealand. They identified a need for practitioners to be able to assess the economic efficiency of a range of solutions, as well as the pedestrian perceptions of walkability for each possible crossing, and commissioned Abley to research and develop an interactive online tool.

The Solution

Abley undertook an extensive international literature review to understand what tools were currently available and establish best practice guidelines and economic evaluation methods applicable throughout New Zealand and Australia. We also conducted a number of surveys to gain insights into pedestrian perceptions of walkability and safety. We developed a modern user-friendly web-based interface for the tool, which presents the required inputs in a clear manner and guides the user through the process of assessing all the different feasible options for a site.

The Outcome

The tool is now available online and is widely used by practitioners throughout New Zealand and Australia, to generate better pedestrian infrastructure planning outcomes and support funding applications.

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