The Challenge

Queenstown area is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth in population and visitors.  This exponential growth has significant implications for the transport network, liveability and attractiveness of the area. Traditional transport strategies in response to growth will no longer work in the Queenstown environment, requiring a fundamental change in thinking and approach.

The Solution

In collaboration with investment partners and stakeholders, and drawing together and progressing several previous projects, Abley developed the overarching Queenstown Integrated programme business case (QIPBC). Following the NZ Transport Agency process, the evidence base, problem and benefit and investment objectives were developed.  Using a blue skies thinking approach stakeholders workshopped possible strategies for addressing the problems and several programmes of activities developed.  Each programme was assessed following the NZ Transport Agency’s investment assessment process to develop a recommended programme for investment. 

The Outcome

The recommended programme developed seeks to address Queenstown’s problems through a mix of infrastructural, public transport and behaviour change measures.  It is anticipated that the programme will improve the transport system through improved transport choice and level of service for all modes. 

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