The Challenge

Newly created and fixed roading assets that have fallen within NCTIR's (North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery) scope of works need to be handed back to the NZ Transport Agency. One of the ways in which this is done is through RAMM. RAMM (Road Asset Management and Maintenance), is a integrated asset management system that is used by NZ Transport Agency, local roading authorities and contractors to manage roading assets. The collection process uses non spatial spreadsheets to collect information about the asset as well as its RS/RP value along the corridor.

The Solution

Working with the handover team, the GIS team is developing a spatial process that will simplify and turn the collection process into a validation exercise. Utilising the design drawings, redline drawings and asbuilt survey data the GIS team will populate an ArcGIS Collector app with as much detailed information as possible. This offline app will be taken out into the field where the RAMM collector will validate the data and make any necessary changes.

 The Outcome

The outcome will streamline the collection process as assets will be validated against existing information. It will also provide health and safety benefits as the collection team will be able to spend less time on the road shoulder and can do a good portion of the work from within the safety of a vehicle.


Hamish RAMM