The Challenge

LINZ, in conjunction with some local Councils, have been digitising more than 600,000 aerial images representing land use throughout New Zealand. The images are dated from the 1930s through to the present day. The Local Government Geospatial Alliance (LGGA) identified the need for the public to have access to this rich resource in an open and accessible platform. Instead of creating several separate resources, local authorities (as listed below) jointly funded a website called Retrolens.

Abley has been working with the LGGA regional council members to refine and enhance the Retrolens website.

The Solution

Abley came up with design and branding options to improve the overall look and feel of the website. This rebranding involved the introduction of the name ‘Retrolens’ and the use of new images, logos and colours. Our team implemented these designs to the front-end of the site. They also re-developed the back end of the website using FME software, which organised and processed the aerial images for easy retrieval by the end user.

The Outcome

The outcome of this project was the development of a website that not only looks impressive but functions well. LGGA regional council members have released a media statement informing the public of the Retrolens website and what it can do. Retrolens has already received significant interest from the public, local authorities and other land use professionals.

Users can search for an address or location on the website and see what the land was like previously. Users can also download a copy of the image for their own purpose. This image below shows how Christchurch has changed from 1961 to now in 2016.