The Challenge

With Rolleston’s residential and commercial sectors rapidly expanding the Selwyn District Council recognised the need for a tool to help them manage the township’s growth. They wanted an analytical tool to estimate the impact that growth was likely to have on their roading network, and they came to us for a solution.

The Solution

We developed an s-Paramics microsimulation model of Rolleston and used it to consider a broad range of future development scenarios, including the proposed town centre master plan and extensive industrial growth in the Izone. The findings from that exercise informed our recommendations, which included intersection and corridor improvements and a strategic plan for executing that work in a manner which supported, rather than inhibited, ongoing growth.

The Outcome

The transport model we created was a versatile tool that can evolve as Rolleston township grows. The model was peer reviewed and approved for use by the NZ Transport Agency, and is continually being used to support transport assessments. The council aligned their Transport Asset Management Plan with recommendations arising from the microsimulation model, proactively planning for the township’s future infrastructure requirements.