The Challenge

With an ever increasing need to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, reduce environmental impact, and increase the health and wellbeing of employees, organisations are challenged to respond in a meaningful way.

The Solution

Abley created TravelWhiz, an award-winning travel planning programme that helps individuals and organisations make smart choices when it comes to their work related travel and transport needs. TravelWhiz comprises a custom website providing tailored travel options and specifics for each travel mode for an organisation or site. Personalised journey plans are provided to each staff member comparing the costs, time, health benefits and environmental costs of taking different modes of travel to work. A portal to manage on-site car parking is also available. In addition, Abley’s transportation experts provide organisational advice to overcome many of the common issues faced by companies trying to address the green agenda.

The Outcome

The TravelWhiz website and associated services are a game changer for organisations, as they provide a single portal through which an organisation can demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of employees, reducing the carbon footprint, supporting environmental change and commitment to the community as a whole.

Adoption of TravelWhiz by our Abley team

With an office move back into central Christchurch, the TravelWhiz programme was implemented for the Abley Christchurch team (35 staff). Personalised journey plans were created for all staff members, a fair and equitable car park booking system was implemented and other initiatives were developed to encourage active travel. Regular travel surveys have revealed that more than 60% of staff travel using active modes, which has resulted in less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of a typical organisation in Christchurch.

TravelWhiz flyer (PDF, 1MB)

TravelWhiz flyer snip2