The Challenge

Abley were appointed to provide transportation planning and engineering advice for the development of a new fuel service station at a busy signalised intersection near a motorway intersection.  The process began with a due diligence assessment of the site including consultation with both the Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency to agree principles of access.  The main challenge lay in designing the widened signalised intersection to accommodate bus services, turning movements into and out of the service station and queueing to the traffic signals.

The Solution

Abley undertook traffic surveys and sightline check to determine the existing operational performance of the network prior to development.  Having confirmed acceptable access locations, our team then completed detailed layout design and traffic modelling, both for the proposed service station and the adjacent road network that required widening to accommodate intersection movements, bus stop use, right turn in and out of the service station for cars and refuelling vehicles, and whilst still maintaining safe and efficient movement of through vehicles.  All impacts from the development were considered and documented in an Integrated Transport Assessment that supported the Resource Consent Application.

The Outcome

The Resource Consent application was accepted with agreeable conditions and the site began development shortly afterwards.  A Resolution Report was subsequently submitted to support the changes to the road markings and signage and regular traffic monitoring reports are produced to satisfy the conditions of consent.

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