We bring diverse datasets together and harness the power of FME to reveal the stories hidden behind the numbers.



Andrew Wilson

Senior Engineering Technologist
Matthew Formal Grey Low

Matthew Noon

Associate Transportation Planner

We are one of New Zealand’s Authorised Partners of Safe Software, with three highly experienced FME Certified Professionals (Todd Davis, Alex Oulton, Hamish Kingsbury) on our team.  Todd Davis is also an FME Certified Server Professional.

Our experts use problem-solving skills, insights and experience to help clients extract greater value from their data. By integrating more than 400 data formats within a graphical user interface, our Integration, Automation and Intelligence team assists clients by interrogating and transforming their data, and connecting applications in ways which were never possible before.

Our specialists help clients to:

  • Integrate systems
  • Extract data from Business Intelligence Systems
  • Streamline complex spatial processes
  • Work with API’s and a range of authentication types
  • Manage FME Server installation, administration, security and notifications

Our spatial specialists were formerly known as Interpret Geospatial Solutions but are now a proud part of our new, integrated Abley brand.